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This is what makes our job so cool….thank you for your amazing comments….

Sarah Jane 5 star

15 July 2018 ·

We had a feast here today! Spoilt for choice. Everything was super delicious! The huge tub of ribs were gone in a flash! My new fav on the Habour Arm!

Dave 5 star

15 July 2018 ·

Absolutely awesome ribs down at Folkestone Harbour Arm today. Lovely friendly staff, highly recommend a visit to anyone.

Neil 5 star

22 April 2017 ·

Had uncle Reubens salted steak sandwich today, my god it was the nuts no joke loved every bite I will definitely be coming back for another when I'm down the Harbour next it is a food sensation. Many thanks.


16 September 2018 ·

fab food. meat and potatoes that I had today at Faversham food festival was lovely. Thank you

Paul 5 star

3 July 2016 ·

Absolutely brilliant ribz, does exactly what is says on the tin. Get value for money and phenomenal taste as well. Really happy these guys are on the Folkestone Harbour Arm, if you ever see them there or out and about on your travels I strongly recommend that you get some.

Graham 5 star

23 April 2017 ·

Never had ribs like theses. So tender packed with flavour and fell off the bone. Hopefully your be on the Harbour wall the next time I come to Folkestone as I want more and more. Fantastic.

Vicky 5 star

5 February 2016 ·

These are lovely authentic Texan melt in the mouth ribs! Just Ribz are so delicious, I wanted to go back for another portion!

Sara 5 star

15 April 2018 ·

Had uncle Reuben’s lunch today at Folkestone Harbour Arm. The most delicious sandwich I’ve had in a long time. Will definitely become a regular treat!

Eric 5 star

27 September 2016 ·

I had these at the Canterbury food festival. Was like a party in my mouth. So glad they are at the Harbour arm in Folkestone as well.

Jill 5 star

9 February 2016 ·

We have just sampled 'Just Ribz' and they are so juicy and what an amazing flavour.
We ate them straight from the oven and the meat just fell off the bone.
Well done James, highly recommended!

Richard 5 star

14 August 2016 ·

Melt in the mouth gorgeous full taste and meaty cooked so fresh they are amazing

Jo 5 star

28 February 2016 ·

We had some ribz yesterday - they were delicious! Looking forward to trying them again - and now understand the bag for later so will be doing that too! Yum!!

Oliver 5 star

4 September 2016 ·

Lovely staff, lovely ribz, need to hire this for my next birthday party me thinks AMAZING!!!

Steve 5 star

10 March 2016 ·

These aren't just ribs, these are Just Ribz ribs. Blooming delicious!! A very welcome addition to Folkestone.

Trevor 5 star

29 August 2016 ·

Awesome ribs, meaty, tender and with a great spicy rub. Would definitely recommend

Josh 5 star

3 June 2017 ·

Amazing ribs and chicken wings tasted delicious

Sally 5 star

20 March 2016 ·

Super succulent deliciousness experienced at the Farmers Market in Rochester today. Those ribs are amazing!

Alex 5 star

31 July 2016 ·

Thank you for such excellent food at the Oyster Festival

Lee 5 star

6 February 2016 ·

Absolutely perfect and would highly recommend

Glad the Mrs was out cos I wasn't sharing them.

Lisa 5 star

26 January 2016 ·

My family absolutely fell in love with these meaty, juicy & very tasty ribz. Highly recommended!!!

Gary 5 star

29 January 2016 ·

Yum .... the ribs were really good. Highly recommend them.

Laura 5 star

4 September 2016 ·

Omg these Ribz are amazing! defo be coming back

Mike 5 star

5 March 2016 ·

Amazing Ribs! Took some home to cook myself. Gorgeous. Keep it up!